• Deeply Inspired by a book The rock warriors way I discovered climbing & loved the contact with rocks. I find dancing is the connection between climbing and arts. Approaching the element with love and respect, makes the movements so smooth and elegant, which allows you to move on without fighting or any aggression. My story is about mastering the movements in sports as in arts to a perfect harmony in the continuous choreography called LIFE!


  • Competitions motivate me, that is where you can prove who you are, in climbing of course. The spirit of competition is where You can prove your skills and strength. My favorite discipline is lead, the routes are long , I have the endurance which helps, only in some parts I need to be more brave. My dream is to compete on the world championships and preferably to get a medal.  One of my goals is to climb  9a, 9b. And I have  also been  thinking of the Olympics, why not.

    Alex Totkova

  • Outdoors helped me to find my strength and come out of the miserable circumstances which i was facing once. After coming out of the abusive relationship, it was sports which helped me not only to survive but to take control and live my life on my own terms. I can stand for my rights, take better decisions and face challenges with confidence. My mission is to bike on all the highest peaks of seven continents, and keep inspiring all those girls along the way, who are living my previous version of life and can not fight back.I want them to unleash their true potential.

    Samar Khan

  • Being a girl living in Kosovo and trying to climb big mountains is not a common thing, since people were not too familiar with the concept of mountaineering, especially among women. Often you don't get the support you need. Instead, people say you should not do it, which is one of the issues that made me even stronger. By having climbed 4 x 8000ers so far, I am slowly changing the mentality and motivating other girls to reach their dreams. There are so many reasons why I like to climb big mountains, from national to natural values and beyond.

    Uta Ibrahimi

  • The way to the summit is not only long, but also steep, icy and risky. Every step counts, the decisions you make are crucial and there is no time for regrets. You are tired, lonely and in pain and still feeling blessed and extremely happy. Your dream is what drives you. Doesn't really matter when, sooner or later, you should make it happen. And if it gets stuck, do not blame others, just train harder and try again. Because you know that when you reach it, the reward is the sweet joy of your life. The feeling of happiness, love, and freedom.

    Ilina Arsova

  • No dream has boundaries, so as mine. Since day one strapping on a snowboard I was determined to go a step further and pursue my dream. Growing up in a rather small community with a lack of sports culture it was nearly impossible to progress or even maintain a certain level in the sport you choose, (let alone for a girl), so sometimes it felt like a struggle, but a strong will conquers all obstacles. However, motivation and dedication are the keys to every success and the best way to stay focused on the main goal is to always strive for more.

    Sanja Spasovska

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