Back t0 zer0. Ilina’s latest art exebition and mountaineering book.

This is what Ilina had to say:

The Covid 19 pandemic struck the world all of sudden, as if a handbrake was pulled while doing 80 right in the middle of the highway. Countless of innocents gone, police curfews that resulted in fear and uncertainty, failing businesses, a noticeable increase in domestic violence cases, kids without school, artists left in dire straights...

On the other hand, some people found positivity in self-isolation. Families getting closer, finding time to read a book, write and produce amazing movies, focus on fitness and meditation. all sorts of activities that turned to be the pillars of strength humans can rely on when all else has failed.

Although, in the chaos, one thought remains, lingering in the back of our minds. We will try to go one with our lives, in this rat race, in a world of crime, avarice and selfishness...But, pulling the handbrake while going over the speed limit, in the middle of rush hour is not without consequence. What usually follows is a chain reaction crash and damaged vehicles.

Coming back from the Antarctica at very beginning of the year and completing my 7 summits mission was a huge cathartic release for me but also nourishment for my Art.

Painting free from color or shape, a cycle complete, coming full circle to the basics of a sketch or a drawing. Painting as an art form has ascended in to new dimension the last few years trough new modern techniques. As my take on it i give you the performance Zero, where the artist becomes one with the art, touching on new, deeper subjects of research. In some way, the performance Zero heralded or even predicted a new beginning where the world should seriously think about the direction this new beginning. Should the world take a responsible, self-sustainable role with conscience and care for nature or should it go back to its old ways of manipulation and profiteering, a direction that has proved to lead only to self destruction?