Natasha Kostovska

Natasha Kostovska

38 weeks of a mountaineering challenge

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"- Chinese proverb

The first step is always hard, unsecure, frightened and humble. While making the next steps, you discover many different  dimensions about yourself and the surroundings.

The mountains are literally the "top" when speaking about sport experience and achievement.  In the most pedagogical sense it is the ascent or a battle with your own capacity. Creating a positive mind,  persistence, energy, motivation, balance and self-control out of your choice, while you are often the lone player in the game.  

The mountain opens up with all her beauty and cruelty, it makes you stronger and  determined, it awakes hope, will and yearning, which keeps you moving even in the hardest times. You face challenges of psychological nature, overcoming fears and upgrading your inner spiritual level.   

Mountain is the mother of all. She conquered me, I conquered her. After climbing the tallest Alpine peak Mt Blanc last summer, I have started the 38 week's mountain marathon. It was  not easy at all, to carry a little pre-natal mountaineer in every new step, every new week, embraced by the magical mountain.

With easy or heavy steps, we walked forward together.

This time, I felt different than ever. I have climbed the biggest mountain in the world, I have become a mother! Not quitting the mountain walks every single day, till the moment I brought Eva to this world.

When you love something so much, nothing is impossible. Fulfilled with love, a smiling face, the touch of the nature including every sensation of my body, warmly exalted I have been counting the steps to   Vodno, every single day.

Now we are already on a three weeks journey of adaptation and meeting the world out of the mother's belly. With some kilogram more on my back, we look forward stepping out and enjoying our mountain together again.  I share this priceless experience and wish everyone who reads it, to reach the highest summit in his life. It is a quite demanding and a breathtaking challenge, worth every effort, every second and every new breath you take!

With great respect to Dr. Ana Daneva Markova & Dr. Suzana Kostovska

Thank you for cheering me all the way up to the top!