Danica Stojanovska

Danica Stojanovska

 What makes us happy?

To me those are the mountains. Besides the natural call for changing our mental code, they are a challenge for the soul to raise above the everyday's routine. The mountain lead us to introspection and perception of the powerful nature, always reminding us how small we are, yet crucial in the functioning of the world today. What fascinates me is the strong will to find spiritual peace (serenity, nature and freedom) as  I would describe the mountains.

Conquering untouchable peaks, results with facing  oneself.

I was very young when mountains became part of my everyday's life. Luckily that is when I realized that the true life is outside of the city, in a natural surrounding where we can have balance with ourselves and the nature. My curious and adventurous spirit has taken me to the most beautiful  places I know of, hidden beauties, extreme trails, forgotten villages, peaks, walleyes, waterfalls and lakes,  moments which later turn into beautiful feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and fascination towards the creative perfection of nature.

Mountaineering and mountain sports are no longer my hobby, it is a lifestyle and in my opinion the best way to use your free time!

We call them adventure sports as the adventure is always present when spending time outdoors.  There were hard moments, cold stormy nights, risky situations, which I see as an existing part of every adventure. With every experience I learn something new which makes me happy and fulfilled. I am strongly motivated by those colorful sunsets, sun rises, the mountain scenery. I find a special motivation in the night hikes. There is something magical in those nights spent on the hill, no matter if it is -20 or + 20C. Everything has its own beauty.

I warmly recommend everyone wandering what to do with their free time, to fill it up with mountain hikes and more time outdoors.  Spend less time in front of the computers and smart phones and re- connect with nature.  The combination of fresh air, peace, and physical activity is the best thing you can offer to your body and soul.

This spring is here and it is the best time to go outside and  play :)