"If you want to live your dream, you need to start dreaming"

When I was a child, I was climbing up the roof tops of the buildings, so that I can see the city better. Later I started climbing up the mountain tops, I guess to see the world better.

Growing up in an encouraging community can truly make a difference, but when you don't have it, your personal motivation is crucial. There are days when it is hard to keep yourself motivated even though you are inspiring and motivating others. In 2013 I became first Macedonian woman on the top of the world being an example that no goal is unreachable.

Being fulfilled personally is a step closer for making the changes around you.

The way to the summit is not only long, but also steep, icy and risky. Every step counts, the decisions you make are crucial and there is no time for regrets. You are tired, lonely and in pain and still feeling blessed and extremely happy. Your dream is what drives you. Doesn't really matter when, sooner or later, you should make it happen. And if it gets stuck, do not blame others, just train harder and try again. Because you know that when you reach it, the reward is the sweet joy of your life. The feeling of happiness, love, and freedom.