Share your story

Let's start this spring with fresh inspiring stories.
Send us your story and we'll gladly share it further, in order to motivate as many youth and girls as possible. By sharing real stories of success, fear, weakness or happiness, we want to highlight that those emotions and conditions are just normal in life. After the rain, sun will shine again. And after the steep uphill there is most likely a pleasant way down. Tell us about your dreams and goals, how far have you reached, do you have a plan and if there is an obstacle on your way, what would that be?

Turn your sport ambitions into words, a page or so and send it together with a portrait and action photo, to our mail:

So, you can also бе writing about a friend, or someone you know, that had an inspiring influence in your community.

The most creative and motivating stories will be rewarded!
We give priority to girls into action sports and those who feel that sport has empowered and motivated them. No age limit.

We love outdoor sports which include responsible interaction with the nature! You can write in English or Macedonian language.

The call is open till the end of April 2019.
We can't wait to hear from you.

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